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“Anyone can sell you a piece of equipment, but not everyone has the expertise to seamlessly weave high-performance equipment into the fabric of your home or business. We’re proud to say that we do, and we do so at a cost that fits your budget”

                                                                                    -Shawn Worst (Owner)

Evolution Home Theatre is a family owned and operated organization headquartered in San Diego, CA. Founded in 2006 by Owner, Shawn Worst, Evolution Home Theatre has been bringing the joy of home theatre and automation to clients all over Southern California and Mexico. After earning his B.A. at University of Colorado, Boulder, Shawn began to transform his passion for technology, integration, and customer service into a career. We prides ourselves in staying up-to-date with the latest home theatre and automation technologies, so we can continually offer the best solutions to our clients

Unlike big box electronic stores, we go beyond the hardware sale to help you design and install a truly integrated media system that is customized – visually and acoustically – to provide you the ideal entertainment environment. Whether you are creating a new home theatre or enhancing an existing one, we help you locate the perfect audio/video equipment for your home system.

Our mission is to design and install customized smart home systems that offer high performance and can be easily enhanced as technology advances. We are here to help you discover the potential of today’s electronics; and, to experience the conveniences that will enhance your lifestyle in ways you have never dreamed.


Solutions Vs. Sales

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