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Welcome to EVODOCKs, your universal in-wall mobile device holders, with charging for iPhone, Android, or whatever else your requirements may be.

EVODOCKs are made of high quality, powder coated steel and are easy to install into drywall, wood, tile, etc. 

EVODOCKs are big enough to handle some of the largest mobile devices on the market today, making them an excellent choice for any application where the users’ devices vary. We currently have EVODOCKs installed into Fitness Centers, Bowling Alleys, Offices and Homes.

Where would you like yours?

Available in multiple configurations to suit your application. It powers up your devices via our POE kit. For Audio System tie-in, we offer both headphone and Bluetooth options.

EVODOCK evolves as your devices change. New charging cable? No problem, as they’re easy to change! Larger phone? It can handle the largest on the market today, with room to spare!

It mounts easily into your wall or cabinetry, using an I-Beam to secure it to the surface, similar to many in-wall speakers. Most installations will require 2 Cat-5 cables: 1 for power (POE), and 1 for audio (analog headphone or Bluetooth). Shielded cabling is recommended for the best audio results.

For Bluetooth applications, our simple 1 button transmitter takes very little training to operate and fits nicely into a single Decora wallplate. The Bluetooth receivers are small and easily located at your equipment head-end and each receiver can connect to two transmitters.


Overall Size: 5” w x 10-5/8” h* x 2-1/2” d
                      (*I-Beam is 11-5/8” H inside wall)

Cut-Out Size:  4-1/4" w x 9-3/4" h x 2-1/2" d

Mounting Material Thickness: 1/4” - 1-3/4”

Max Phone Size: 3-7/8" w x 7-5/8" h x 3/4” d


Available Options:

Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver - Requires 1 single gang box/ring, plus 1 Cat-5 (shielded recommended) to equipment head-end)

Headphone Audio Balun - Requires 1 Cat-5 (Shielded recommended) to equipment head end)

POE USB Receiver Kit - Requires 1 Cat-5 from POE Injector

Have a question or need a custom solution? Contact Us today for more information or to order your own!

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