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custom cabinetry san diego


We make it easy for our clients to build the home theatre of their dreams with our Custom Cabinetry design and installation services. We offer premium selections of the finest hardwoods and hardwood-plywood furniture vaneers. Choose from our cabinetry styles or work with us to customize your own.

Three Advantages of our Wood Selections:


1. Durability: Our 100% solid hardwoods have been kiln-dried to a specific moisture content to help prevent unwanted expansion or contraction.

The multi-layer hardwood plywood features several cross-grain layers for added strength and durability. Beware of lesser-grade products, as many are loaded with particleboard, greatly reducing durability, longevity, and strength.


2. Variety: Our selection gives you an authentic choice of grain textures, patterns, and color choices to match your home and design preferences.


3. Trusted: We don’t cut corners or use low-end products to reduce costs. We ask ourselves, “What is best for the customer?” We strive to provide the highest quality service and materials to maximize your investment. Our products have the most durable topcoat finish used in furniture today. Rest assured, your cabinets will be beautiful and built to last.

custom cabinetry san diego
custom cabinetry san diego
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